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Joseph McNamara

One Persons Kink is Another's Dream Come True !
Apr 16 '14
Apr 16 '14
Apr 16 '14
Apr 15 '14

The Dominant and The submissive #ASMSG #DungeonCrawl #BDSM #Spanking #Erotica

The Dominant and The submissive #ASMSG #DungeonCrawl #BDSM #Spanking #Erotica

bdsmgirl600px ~~~

Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl.

What’s a Dungeon Crawl?

Well, it’s like a “blog hop,” but we … crawl. Because it’s BDSM! We like dark dungeons. Whips and chains! Yes!

WHEN: Every Wednesday.

Today I’m sharing from one of my current works in progress “The Dominant and The submissive” (A Passionate and Continuing Love Story) © by: Joseph McNamara which will be released later this year.


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Apr 15 '14
Apr 14 '14
Apr 13 '14
Apr 12 '14

Picture It and Write “Everywhere” #ASMSG #Romance #Love #Dominance #submission #Short

Picture It and Write “Everywhere” #ASMSG #Romance #Love #Dominance #submission #Short


This Is An Entry for This Weeks Picture it and Write

The Main Page and Credible Information can be found on Ermilia’s Blog  at the Link Below

Ermilia’s Picture It and Write ~~~ “Everywhere” Ermillia wall-camo-body-paint~~~

Engrained in my soul lost mind, her presence is always with me

A constant and endearing thirst of what once was

Best Friends, Co-workers, Lovers and Soul-Mates

We were incessantly together, an…

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Apr 11 '14
Apr 10 '14