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Joseph McNamara

One Persons Kink is Another's Dream Come True !
Apr 26 '14
Apr 25 '14

The Dominant and The submissive #SatSpanks #ASMSG #Spanking #BDSM #Erotica #Dominance #Submission

The Dominant and The submissive #SatSpanks #ASMSG #Spanking #BDSM #Erotica #Dominance #Submission

Saturday Spankings-spring rose paddles-pink~~~

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, an Eight Sentence Blog-H0p featuring some of the best spanking authors out there. My Eight sentences today are from one of my current works in progress “The Dominant and The submissive” (A Passionate and Continuing Love Story) © by: Joseph McNamara which will be released later this year.

The Dominant and The submissive (A Passionate and Continuing Love Story) © 

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Apr 25 '14
Apr 23 '14
Apr 23 '14
Apr 22 '14

Dominance and submission “Social Media Soul-Mates” #ASMSG #DungeonCrawl #BDSM #Spanking #Erotica

Dominance and submission “Social Media Soul-Mates” #ASMSG #DungeonCrawl #BDSM #Spanking #Erotica


Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl.

What’s a Dungeon Crawl?

Well, it’s like a “blog hop,” but we … crawl. Because it’s BDSM! We like dark dungeons. Whips and chains! Yes!

WHEN: Every Wednesday.

Today I’m sharing a excerpt from another (work-in-progress),  “Social Media Soul-Mates” (Keyboard to Bedroom -Book 1) © -This contracted book will be released at years end. 

There will be two other…

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Apr 22 '14
Apr 21 '14
Apr 21 '14

"The Liebster Award" #ASMSG #Awards #LifesIssues

“The Liebster Award” #ASMSG #Awards #LifesIssues


I was asked to participate and nominated for this award by the wonderfully talented spanking romance author, Katherine Deane.  I would like to thank her for nominating me for this award and for her inspiring and creative questions. To find out a little more about this delightful and spirited writer, you can click on the following link:

Katherine Deane – Romance Author

 For future Liebster…

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Apr 20 '14